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As of 10 July, Zero FOX disclosed all of the Twitter profiles and posts to the Twitter security team, who subsequently removed them.Twitter was prompt and efficient in their takedown, as the malicious botnet is in clear violation of their Terms of Service.The SIREN botnet leverages a vast network of algorithmically generated Twitter accounts to distribute a payload URL that redirects to a variety of spam pornography websites.All of the nearly 90,000 accounts have a suggestive photo of a woman as a profile picture and a female name as the displayname (Figure 1).A bot is any account that is controlled not by an organic user but by some form of automation.

This spam campaign had a series of botnet panels and operated primarily via e-mail.Deniro Marketing was part of a class action lawsuit in 2010 but still seems to host websites on their Autonomous System Number (ASN) and run affiliate marketing programs.The SIREN botnet likewise drives some of its traffic to the same network of websites linked to Deniro Marketing.Specific phrases also exhibited clustered temporal distribution patterns, in which different tiers of phrases were created at similar relative frequencies over short time periods..Many of the websites’ policies claim that the site owners operate most of the profiles.

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Many of these websites also required e-mail and a phone number to access the member portal.

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